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1st Edition

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Senda Startup Accelerator (shorted as “Senda”) promotes the development of projects of technology-based businesses that respond to the needs of the social & healthcare ecosystem.

The knowledge of the promoters and collaborators in this area and their experience in innovative projects will generate the ideal atmosphere to develop products in areas like health, wellbeing, medical care and active ageing.

Our goal is to develop projects in this field that can be scaled, that are attractive to investors and that potentially could generate recurring benefits, and turn them into profitable businesses with international reach in the shortest possible time.

These bases aim to establish the terms and conditions of the programme and to inform about its contents.

Acceptance of programme bases

Participating in the programme implies accepting these bases fully and unconditionally. Failure to comply with these bases will mean the expulsion from the Senda´s programme.

Minimum requirements

Due to the nature of the accelerator and with the goal of preserving the programme´s efficiency, the following minimum requirements are established:

General commitments

The projects selected to participate in the acceleration phase will fulfil the following commitments:

The programme consists of four main phases: registration and project recruitment (from May 4 to May 31, 2017), evaluation and selection (from June 1 to June 30, 2017), acceleration (from July to December), and Launch (from December 2017).

Recruitment and registration

During the recruitment phase, the Project promoters can sign up in the Senda’s website and fill the registration form.

The first call opens at May 4 and closes at May 31, 2017. All applications received after that May 31st will be considered "late applications".

Late applications will be those received outside of the official registration deadlines. These requests will also be reviewed and evaluated, but with the following disadvantages: we do not guarantee the response time to the request or the availability of places to participate in the acceleration program immediately. That is why we recommend always to register within the deadlines established for each call.

Evaluation and selection of projects

Once the registration deadline is over, we will begin to evaluate the applications received. This phase will be between June 1 and June 30 2017. In this call a maximum of 5 projects will be selected.

To assess the applications, we will take into account the potential of the Project: if its scalable, if it is attractive to investors, if it can potentially generate recurring benefits, if it fulfils real market needs, if it’s different and innovative, if it shows potential for market growth and if there is a beta or a prototype. Teams will also be taken into account: if they show potential, if they possess the right mixture of skills and if they are capable of developing the Project.

Projects may be called for personal interviews during the selection process.

Those who are selected will be invited to participate in the acceleration programme. Before starting the programme, the terms of participation in the accelerator (obligations and commitments) will be discussed with them as well as the funds they will receive during the programme. Funding conditions will be discussed too.

Acceleration programme

Before starting the activities, the situation of each project will be identified to adjust the programme to its needs (both regarding the project’s status and members) and ensure the programme’s efficiency.

A milestone plan will be established for each Project to manage the resources needed during the programme. This plan can be adapted as the programme progresses.

The programme lasts 6 months. This can be extended if the Project needs further development within the programme’s framework.

Launch Phase

After the acceleration phase, the link with the projects does not end. As long as the accelerator is a partner of the project, it will continue to help in everything needed.

Additionally, when projects reach maturity, we will help them in the launch phase to identify the most suitable investors and give them support in defining and signing agreements.

What do we offer and what do we ask in return

The programme will provide the participants with the necessary resources for the adequate development of the participating projects:

To participate in the acceleration programme, participants will be asked to:

Acceptance of terms of participation

The participation in the call implies the acceptance of these Bases, without qualifications or conditions, as well as any resolution that could be produced. Such acceptance shall take effect upon the registration of an application and shall remain in force until five years after the end of the call in which they have been accepted.

If during the development of the program any member of any of the participating teams does not fulfil the commitments acquired, Senda Startup may exercise the right to demand compliance with them, and if not, proceed to the exclusion of the candidacy at any stage of the Programme.

Moreover, Senda Startup is entitled to cancel, modify or suspend any aspect or criterion of the process of recruitment and selection of applicants. The applicant also understands that the programme managers will make decisions regarding the call and the final selection of projects. The applicant acknowledges that, even if his/her project is selected, those responsible for the programme are not required to develop the programme completely.

Intellectual property

The applicant guarantees that the content of his/her candidacy is of its original creation and does not infringe any right, as well as that the content is not illegal, nor breaching any contractual obligation with a third party.

The information provided by the applicant must be correct, truthful and complete, and the applicant takes full responsibility for any inaccuracy. Otherwise, Senda shall have the right, without prejudice to any other legal means, to withdraw, reject or suspend the rights granted to the applicant in these bases.

The applicant expressly authorises the programme managers to use their name and image in dissemination material related to this call, with no compensation. By submitting his or her request, the participant accepts that the submission of the application document confirms the voluntary nature of the request.

Confidentiality and processing of personal data

The participants acknowledge that their project’s details will be used during the evaluation processes as explained in the bases.

The personal data provided by the applicants will be included in a file owned by I Nova Consultores en Excelencia e Innovación Estratégica, S.L. with CIF B36927515; in compliance with the previsions of Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 diciembre de protección de datos de carácter personal. The participants may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition guaranteed by the Law, contacting by any recognisable means I Nova Consultores en Excelencia e Innovación Estratégica, C/Príncipe Nº30, 3º piso, 36202, Vigo (Pontevedra). The cancellation of the data or opposition to the aforementioned assignments shall be understood as a waiver of participation in the Program.

Applicants allow their information to be used during the evaluation of their applications. And they undertake to have prior authorization in accordance with the law in the event that they provide data from third parties. The contact information provided in the application registration (email, telephone number) will be used for notifications regarding the development of the Programme.

Likewise, the acceptance of these Terms authorises Senda Startup to use the logo, name of the project, or any other type of audio-visual support developed or recorded during the Programme, in all dissemination and communication activities deemed appropriate, regardless of the medium or format used.


Applicants will be responsible for all damages, direct or indirect, that are caused or can be caused by the violation of these bases, exempting the responsible of the Program from any responsibility in this regard, without any exception.

In these terms, applicants will be responsible for the infringement of rights of third parties during their participation in the Program of this call and shall indemnify affected third parties and, if appropriate, those responsible for the programme for any damage or injury caused and Judicially or extrajudicially claimed, including expressly the fees of the professionals involved in the proceedings, for breach of the obligations described in these Terms.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

Regarding the interpretation and fulfilment of these Bases, Senda Startup and the participants will be submitted to the application of the Spanish laws.

Any dispute arising from the interpretation or execution of this document shall be resolved directly by the parties, for which purpose the parties undertake to carry out, in good faith, their greatest efforts for the agreed solution of their disputes, in accordance with the common intention expressed in the same, within a maximum period of fifteen (15) working days from the date on which any party notice in writing to the other regarding any claim, without the failure of the other party to respond to the deadline indicated.

Any dispute, controversy or claim resulting from this document or from its interpretation that could not be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, as well as that relating to non-compliance, resolution or nullity, shall be resolved through arbitration. The arbitration will take place in the city of Vigo. The arbitration award shall be final and not appealed, waiving any available remedy against it.

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