We are looking for projects in the social & healthcare sector (health, wellbeing, assistance and active ageing) offering products that imply data obtention, communication, management and security, in order to better know the patient, provide better and/or more customised treatments, reduce cost and optimise processes, etc.

Regarding the project’s degree of development, there are no limitations, and it does not matter if they are incorporated as a company or not, although having a beta or a prototype will be noted.

Just register on the web and fill out the registration form. You can do this when the calls are open. The dates will be published in the bases of the programme.

Even if the call is not open, we will also accept proposals. That is what we call late applications. They will be reviewed and evaluated in the same way as the other applications, but with the following disadvantages: we do not guarantee the response time to your request (we can take up to 2 months) or the availability of places to participate in the program of acceleration immediately.

There are no limitations as to the country of origin of the projects; but at least part of your team will have to be present in the acceleration programme face-to-face. You can enjoy the free office space at the accelerator's premises.

The Senda acceleration program adapts to the degree of development of any project or company. Funding is only part of the programme. Regardless of the investment, we are sure that we can help you in different aspects of your business.

The information provided throughout the registration process will be treated with due confidentiality. The fact of submitting an application does not imply giving up any rights to Senda Startup. For more information you can consult the legal notice contained in the bases of the programme.

We will take into account the potential of the Project:

  • If its scalable.
  • If it is attractive to investors.
  • If it can potentially generate recurring benefits.
  • If it fullfills real market needs.
  • If its different and innovative.
  • If it shows potential for market growth.
  • If there is a beta or a prototype.

Teams will also be taken into account:

  • If they show potential.
  • If they possess the right mixture of skills.
  • If they are capable of developing the Project.

We do not accept projects with only one member, as we will appreciate that the team that supports the project can guarantee the development of it, and we believe that it is difficult for just one person to be able to take on all the work of launching a startup. We can help you build up your team, but we advise you to do it before you submit your application.

Whether you are selected or not, we will use the contact details that you have provided on the registration form to let you know our decision.

During approximately 6 months, we will put at your disposal what is necessary to validate your technology, develop your product, define your business model, contact your market ... From mentoring, specialised training, sessions with experts in specific topics, funding, workspace and an accelerator management team that will accompany you throughout the programme.

The ecosystem of collaborators that Senda conforms will help you to know your sector and its operation, and will put you in contact with the necessary agents for the best development of your project.

We do not have a standard amount and we have not set any limit. We understand that the funding needs of each project are different. We will try to guarantee which investment is necessary for the development of each project.

At the end of the acceleration programme, we anticipate a launch phase to help projects to consolidate in the market and get additional funding. We will identify the appropriate investors for your business and we will help you to contact them.

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